Inheritance Tax Advice

Inheritance tax is often considered to be a tax on death, but your actions during your life can have considerable effects on its level. If you are undertaking a transaction or changing your asset profile it makes sound financial sense to think about advice on Inheritance Tax.

You need to be aware when you change your asset profile that you could be going from one which qualifies for Business Property Relief (BPR) to something which does not. If you are making a transfer into a trust, then Inheritance Tax may also be payable.

Helping you reduce your inheritance tax liability

It is not just those with large estates where Inheritance Tax applies; it can be a big burden for many people. The prospect of passing on as little as 60% of your wealth to your loved ones is not a prospect most individuals would like to contemplate. This could result in the sale of assets to pay the Inheritance Tax which could be especially distressing if the asset is the family business.

content-img-taxOur approach is very much customised to your individual needs. We will to listen to what you want to achieve, then provide advice and design solutions to meet your goals. A well drafted Will can be of enormous help. Your Will can significantly reduce or eliminate your Inheritance Tax liability, enabling you to pass on more of your wealth to where you wish it to go.

We can also advise on certain exemptions and reliefs, such as BPR that we have mentioned above. We will help you limit your exposure to Inheritance Tax and structure your affairs to achieve your objectives.

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