Small Business Start Up Advice

We can provide Small Business Start Up Advice at the very earliest stage of your business planing.

Things to consider are:

Planning the scope of your activities, and an outline or detailed plan.

Financing the business, will you use your own resources or be looking for a loan on favourable terms.

Should the business be registered for VAT?

What should the legal structure be?

How will you track the business income, expenditure and profitability?

Will you work full time or part time in the business and will it employ any other staff?

How will you ensure a good work life balance?

What are the relevant regulations and requirements for company owners?

How should you select the most appropriate professional services like banking, insurance and accountancy?

Does this seem a lot to do?

Considering these issues can make starting a business initially seem daunting.

However, with the support of our expert advisors and your own good ideas we can quickly guide you through the key stages of the setting-up process and enable you to launch your business with a solid foundation. Why not give us a call now on 01948 662224, and arrange a no obligation initial discussion to get your business launched.