Self Assessment Tax Returns

It is our experience that most of our clients need to file personal tax returns, as a result of being a company director or self-employed. Our self-employed clients can be sole traders or operating as a partnership.

Our accountants provide advice to individuals working in businesses based in Cheshire, Shropshire and North East Wales. We incorporate the relevant information from your company accounts (if applicable) into your tax self-assessment return. We also factor in income from other investments, land or property and overseas assets.

Your allowances

We work hard on ensuring that all legitimate allowances and deductions are factored into the calculation of your tax liability within your self-assessment tax return. We provide comprehensive tax advice, and will talk you through available tax breaks like use of a personal pension plan.

content-img-paperworkTimely Submissions

For all clients we can advise on the right paperwork and records. This allows timely submission of tax returns using information such as pension, income, expenses, together with capital gains. By completing your accounts in good time, we avoid the usual stress of rushing the self assessment return at the last minute in January in time for the deadline of 31st . We will get the tax self-assessment return done well in advance, though our clients can, of course, choose how close to the deadline to get before making their payment.

Why use us?

One of the major benefits of using us is that we have high quality and experienced staff who can offer advice on more complex accounting or tax issues, problems or opportunities in a very cost-effective manner.